Monday, 12 January 2009

The Secret of Grey Walls

The Secret Of Grey Walls by Malcolm Saville

Synopsis:'When David, Peter, Mary, Dickie and Tom of the Lone Pine Club go on holiday together, they know something exciting is bound to happen. They soon find themselves investigating a sheep-stealing plot and following a trail which leads to the strange house with grey walls.'

I loved reading Malcolm Savilles 'Lone Pine Club' series when I was young
.This is the fourth book in the series.Written in the early sixties and set in postwar era, these stories are based on friendships, loyalty and courage.

In this novel the gang end up in the sleepy town of Clun on the Welsh / English border in the winter holidays.As usual a mystery is discovered, adventures taken, and the mystery solved by the gang

Loved it ...want to try and buy the whole series now (although only a few are still in publication)

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  1. I am unfamiliar with this series but it sounds like books I would have loved to have read as a child. Well, actually I would still love to read them. Good review.