Sunday, 8 March 2009


Product Description(from Amazon.Com)
Anne is a young orphan who finally finds a home at Green Gables, but it's not exactly smooth-sailing. Anne always seems to find herself getting into scrapes!

This book brought back lots of memories for me. As a child I always dreamed I was Anne. I was always getting into scrapes. One I thought of while reading this book was when I found a baby field mouse. I brought it home, made it a little house out of a shoe box and loved it dearly. Of course it died a few days later. But I just cried and cried. My mother suggested we have a funreal for the mouse. So we put it in it's little house show box and buried it in the backyard.
My favorite part of the book is when Anne was in the boat floating down the river. The boat got a hole in it and starting sinking. Poor Anne had to hang onto a pylon at the bridge. And who saved her, her enemy Gilbert Blythe. How awful for Anne. I loved the ending when her and Gilbert made up after all the years they were enemies.


  1. Poor mouse .. how sad for you.
    I must re-read this book sometime too ;0)

  2. So many people hold such fondness for this little red haired girl. Me, I liked Gilbert! Glad you enjoyed reading this one again, Sherrie. :)