Friday, 27 March 2009


The Swiss Family Robinson - Johann David Wyss

Product Description(from Amazon.Com)

Swept off course by a raging storm, a Swiss pastor, his wife, and four young sons are shipwrecked on an uncharted tropical island. Thus begins the classic story of survival and adventure that has fired the imaginations of readers since it first appeared in 1812.

This is such a wonderful book! It brought back lots of childhood memories for me. It amazed me when I was a child and it amazed me again as an adult. How this family, all alone on an island manages to survive and flourish, and keep up their spirits. Some of the things that happen is really hard to believe and all the things they find to survive is even more amazing.
If you haven't read this book you really should! It really makes me wonder if it is based on a true story or all make believe. I really would like to believe it's real!!

This is my last book for this challenge. I have done a wrap up of this reading challenge at my book blog,
Just Books.

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  1. 1812 wow, I had no idea this book was almost two hundred years old! You know, I have never read the book but Saturday mornings would not have been the same here in my part of Canada without the Swiss Family Robinson television series. I can't believe there were only 26 episodes produced, it seemed to run forever...