Saturday, 28 March 2009

Pippi Longstocking

How lovely it was last week when I revisited my friend Pippi Longstocking at Villa Villekulla.
The classic tale of an irreverent redhead, Astrid Lindgren created a loveable little misfit that taught us all about mischeviousness.
A nine year old girl that lives all alone but for her pet monkey Mr. Neilson, Pippi lives life to the fullest in the way she knows best. After her mother died and her father was blown overboard at sea, Pippi has one adventure after another. In this introductory book, we join Pippi as she socializes with her neighbors, Annika and Tommy and we are delighted as she attends the circus and battles burglars like no other kid can.
Pippi is simply irresistible and I do so hope that today's generation of little girls get to experience these books. They truly are a classic and Pippi will definitely be a lifetime friend. I sure remember days of dreaming of living Pippi's life or at least having her as a neighbor!

Pippi Longstocking was my Childhood Favorites Read for the month of February. In March, I'll be rereading another childhood classic, Bambi. No matter how many books I read , the children's category is always one of my favorites.

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  1. This was a recent feature in the Scholastic book orders but my daughter opted for something else. I'll have to check our library — Pippi is so full of spunk, my daughter would love her (I did)!